Nang Yuan Island Travel Guide Koh Tao

Koh Ngan Yuan is very close to Koh Tao and is effectively three small islands joined by sand dunes, creating a trio of beautiful swimming bays with coral reefs which are perfect for snorkelling.

If you fancy a walk there is good path up to the top of the small mountain from where you can enjoy the views.

Koh Ngan Yuan’s position makes it perfect to catch both sunset and sunrise. There are day tours from Koh Tao you can take or you can arrange a private excursion with a longtail boat it if you want to spend the whole day there.

The island gets extremely crowds from 10:00-14:30 with day trippers from Samui, so avoid this time if you want a little solitude.

Only 400m off Koh Tao, the mini-archipelago is one of those must-see treats and growing in popularity day trippers from Koh Samui. Nang Yuan is government-owned and so it is strictly forbidden to take plastic bottles, drink cans, or other waste onto the island. It costs 100 Baht to visit Koh Ngan Yuan which will probably be the bargain of your entire holiday.

Although there are regular ferries to the island from Mae Haad’s main pier, longtail boats can be privately chartered to make the journey at any time. Remember to haggle hard in order to get a decent price and perhaps club together with other visitors to share the cost. Only agree pay upon your return journey otherwise you may find yourself stranded there!

The island boasts an average restaurant offering overpriced food and drink, and there is a beach bar for a few sundowners at the end of a hard day. The beach here is long, wide and virgin pure with a lagoon on one side and the open ocean on the other. There is a zip-line between two of the islands which allows visitors to quizz over the coral-rich ocean and costs 1,000 baht for four trips.

It is safe to swim in the shallow water of the bay with awesome snorkelling the further out you travel. An acclaimed dive site called the Japanese Gardens lies just offshore with a kaleidoscope of wondrously bright diverse coral and fish. Eagle rays and turtles have even been sported here.

Nang Yuan Dive Resort

The only resort on the island is Nang Yuan Island Dive Resort. They have fan bungalows available for US$40 up to deluxe two-bedroom family bungalows for US$470. The rates include breakfast and a two-way transfer to Koh Tao. The dive school is onsite and offers the whole suite of PADI courses and accommodation is discounted or included in the rate. They have a beachside café offers Thai food and snacks.