Sightseeing in Koh Tao

The main attraction on Koh Tao is obviously scuba diving and snorkelling in the pristine natural environment surrounding her coastline, but for those land-lovers who don’t want to get their feet wet there are things to see and do on Koh Tao.

Koh Tao’s topography changes a great deal as you move around the island’s four compass points. There are steep mountains to sedate rolling hills, plus granite boulders for climbing and, of course, the sandy shallow beaches.

This diversity makes Koh Tao an great place for walking and hiking. There are numerous trails up the mountains or through the dense tropical jungle to little clearings an awesome variety of wildlife en route. Monitor lizards, harmless snakes, colourful butterflies, squirrels and a variety of birds can be spotted.

If you enjoy hiking then there are some great ascents like to John Suwan Mountain Viewpoint in the south of the island with commands marvellous vistas of Ang Thong Marine National Park. Two Views in the centre of the island is also worth seeking out whilst Fraggle Rock to the north has a road leading all the way up it and can be seen from any boat approaching Sairee Beach – this is also the main rock climbing area of Koh Tao.

Also worth a trek is Thian Og Bay where you can see the Sitting Buddha rock formation from the viewpoint on the opposite side of the beach. At Sairee there is the Rama V Rock where the King of Thailand visited many years ago before Koh Tao was the popular tourist destination it is today.

There is also a two-hour walk from the northern bays to the eastern side of the island to Mango Bay which takes in some lovely scenery. Directions can be given by your resort or any of the island travel agencies.

If you are interested in fish, on Sairee beach you will find the Fishery MuseumKayaking tours can be arranged to view the amazing topography of Koh Tao from the water and stopping off on secluded bays for a picnic, sunbathing and appreciate the peace and tranquillity.

Goodtime Thailand offers rock climbing and bouldering, half and full day adventure trips involving abseiling, wakeboarding and cliff jumping. The beaches are so beautiful that they are an attraction in themselves and many hours can be whiled away visiting different bays,sunbathingreading, playing Frisbee and chilling in the funky beach bars…more on Activities.